Target Group


Those receiving attendant services from PIMO must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Live in Montreal.
  • Demonstrate the need for such services.
  • Not have access to attendant services from a volunteer.

Members must also:

  • Have motor disabilities (and possibly other disabilities as well, but motor disabilities must represent his or her primary limitation).

Members may receive attendant services on a regular basis and request such services themselves. For more information on membership status or for a membership application, please visit Regular Member Users.

From mid-May 2018 until December 8, 2019, PIMO may, on an occasional or regular basis, provide services to seniors with non-motor disabilities as part of its Attendant Services in Support of Senior Mobility Project (Accompagner pour Soutenir la mobilité des aînés).

These seniors, with the status of non-member regular users, will be able to request services directly from PIMO, but will not, unlike other PIMO members, receive services after December 8, 2019,.


Although PIMO primarily offers personal attendant services (one attendant per member), it occasionally responds to requests from organizations that require attendants for their activities.

No maximum number of hours applies to group services. However, PIMO reserves the right to reject a request to ensure that it can meet member needs first.