Attendant Services in Support of Senior Mobility Project

The Attendant Services in Support of Senior Mobility(Accompagner pour Soutenir la mobilité des aînés) project follows through on our For Comprehensive Attendant Services Pilot Project, where we tested our regional attendant services service model developed in conjunction with the Attendant Services Board in a CSSS territory.

Our new project is to deploy our enhanced model for seniors across the Island of Montreal over 18 months.

The training program we have created will be enriched and our referral app upgraded. We will also launch two promotional campaigns, in conjunction with Montreal volunteer support centres and the Fédération des centres d’action bénévoles du Québec, with resources developed during the pilot project aimed at recruiting volunteers with cars.

Ultimately, this project could be applied to the entire target population of Montrealers age 15 and up. We also hope our initiative will serve as an inspiration for other parts of Quebec, which have similar needs for attendant services.