Right to Attendant Services

Following a study conducted in 2007 by the Office des personnes handicapées du Québec (OPHQ), and thanks to the concerted efforts of PIMO and the Attendant Services Board, the first official document was published recognizing the need to establish structured attendant services for those requiring such assistance.

The new policy entitled Equals in Every Respect to Equality (À part entière : Pour un véritable exercice du droit à l’égalité) went so far as to make attendant services one of its priorities.

In its policy implementation plan, the OPHQ proposed hosting intersectoral approaches aimed at finding ways of:

  •         Developing attendant services throughout Quebec.
  •         Promoting the harmonization of attendant services practices.
  •         Ensuring the recognition of attendant service needs in planning personalized and coordinated services.
  •         Improving attendant training and pay.

Rather than wait for the policy’s eventual implementation, PIMO took the lead by starting work in 2009 to create a new attendant services service model. Since 2011, PIMO has worked with the Montreal Attendant Services Board to enhance its operations.  A test model was adopted in 2012 and PIMO’s pilot project launched.