Other Forums

PIMO is engaged in different forums to promote access to attendant services by those who need them and to support other attendant services-related goals, such as transportation involved in providing such services. We are also concerned with such other issues as the rights of the disabled, access to social and healthcare services, and participation in society by the disabled, as well as universal access and funding of community organizations. Through these approaches, we work with other organizations to help the disabled.

PIMO’s Membership in Consultation Bodies

PIMO belongs to DéPhy Montréal (now ROPMM), which is made up of organizations supporting and defending the rights of the physically and sensory disabled. PIMO has been a long-time member of ROPMM’s board and headed ROPMM’s Home Maintenance Committee. PIMO was also a member of COSSS for some time. Because of its development and promotion projects of the past few years, PIMO is now less active in DéPhy Montréal.

PIMO occasionally participates in COPHAN’s Health and Social Services Committee because of our expertise in attendant services. We promote such services among provincial authorities.

PIMO is also a partner of Mouvement PHAS, a provincial organization supporting access to health and social services made up of individuals and organizations representing disabled people and their families. PIMO belongs to the Full Committee consisting of partner associations that defines PHAS’s lines of action. PIMO’s main contribution to PHAS has been the inclusion of attendant services in the PHAS Movement’s Statement of Rights. Those who would like to sign this Statement can do so here: mouvementphas.org/declaration

PIMO is a member of RIOCM, which is made up of Montreal organizations engaged in social, healthcare, family and immigration services, as well as in the collective rights efforts. RIOCM represents community organizations at different government and administrative levels, while defending the principles and values of the independent community movement.