Types of Membership

Regular User

Regular users are those authorized to obtain PIMO services directly, without being referred by a partner organization.

To benefit from PIMO’s personal attendant services on a regular basis, a person must, whether a member or not, have regular user status and pay a $25 annual fee. Outside of this fee, personal attendant services are free.

Those requiring attendant services who cannot receive occasional services through the volunteer network may receive periodic assistance. Such individuals have the status of “occasional users.”

Different types of access to service are provided depending on the member’s regular or occasional user status.

There are two ways for a regular users to obtain an attendant:

  • By calling us between 9:00 a.m. and noon on weekdays at 514-288-9775, ext. 102.
  • By clicking on Request for Attendant Services and completing the online form.

Requests can be made as little as one day in advance (always before noon), except for the following Monday.  

In the case of emergencies, our supervisor will take information during office hours and our service coordinator will see if the request can be accommodated.

Request for attendant services

Occasional User

Depending on its own resource availability, PIMO will assist those who are usually served by the volunteer network when the latter cannot meet their needs, due to lack of resources of for some other reason.

Those in this situation may be referred to PIMO by a caseworker or partner organization after verifying that volunteer service is not available. The caseworker does so using the online referral app, which identifies existing volunteers who could serve the client. The app will refer a person to an organization offering volunteers services or, if services are unavailable, to PIMO. If the caseworker does not have the time or resources to follow-up, PIMO will do so.

An occasional user may receive a maximum of 100 hours of service per year through PIMO.


Groups that need such services may complete the online Group Service Application or call PIMO at 514-288-9775, ext. 102, to make their request. PIMO can refer them to volunteers or provide such services itself, depending on the situation.

Costs incurred by PIMO for attendant services for group activities involving more than one person and requested by another organization are billed to that organization. PIMO also provides such services 7 days a week, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Group requests for service