PIMO is an NPO government by Part III of the Companies Act and administered by a seven-member Board. Five board members are PIMO service users and two are selected from the community. Except for selected community members who must be approved at each General Meeting, board members have a two-year renewable term.

Current Board Members

  • André Lavallée, President, Service User
  • Marie-Josée Mignacca, Vice President
  • Francine Desrochers, Secretary
  • Denise Larivière, Treasurer
  • Henri Desbiolles, User Member
  • Valérie Lemieux, Selected Supporting Member (Public Healthcare Occupational Therapist)
  • Alexandra Méthot, Selected Supporting Member (Social Worker)

Other Volunteer Partners

PIMO regularly asks members to do volunteer work during public events and to represent us on different occasions. Board members are also volunteers and contribute according to their abilities and availability. Members are also asked to provide their time and energy helping us with certain projects.

If you believe in this cause and want to help in some way with attendant services, please let us know!