PIMO (Promotion intervention en milieu ouvert) provides personal attendant services[JW1] that enable mobility-impaired adults living on the Island of Montreal to engage in activities outside their homes.

PIMO also promotes the right to attendant services by all those requiring another person’s assistance to leave their homes due to a disability.

Going Out Together for 30 Years!

PIMO helps you get the most out of everyday life
In town
With you,
Supporting your right to be part of society,

Encouraging you to talk your place
Get out of your ghetto
At home or in a residence[U2] Be part of the crowd
In open spaces
No longer confined to a small block of concrete and glass
Finally being seen and recognized by neighbours who didn’t know we exist
No longer travelling only in our heads

Making our world bigger
Exploring new paths
Making friends
Broadening our horizons
Enjoying everything the city has to offer
In all its beauty and ugliness

Taking in the pleasant—and less pleasant—scents
Seeing landscapes, avoiding obstacles
Listening to birds singing in the trees and the roar of traffic
Making yourself heard, understood and part of the group
Taking action and making your mark

New forms of communication let you do practically anything at home
And soon, perhaps, our machines will be mere extensions of our minds
No need to go out . . . you can do anything at home
Unleash your mind
In a virtual universe

But nothing beats reality
Direct experience, deploying all your senses
A disabled person is nonetheless a capable one
Keeping the disabled alone deprives them of their right to meet their full potential[U3] And enjoy all its benefits

Thanks to PIMO for being part of this great adventure
Thanks to PIMO’s attendants for their concern,
For giving a hand,
And a voice for those who don’t have one

Thanks to all those who have contributed in so many ways to PIMO,
Who have believed
And who still believe
In this journey through everyday life

Enabling PIMO to grow and bring together
All those confined to their homes with the world around them,
So they can live their lives and prosper!

Happy birthday PIMO!
We raise our glasses to you!

Written by Marie-Josée Vaillancourt for PIMO’s 25th anniversary